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These Empathy Basket Starter Biscuits are the perfect addition to your baskets and containers, helping you grow better blooms and plants. This product contains rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial bacteria, and enough nutrients for up to 4 months. They also contain water-retaining crystals and bioadditives. Use a few of these basket starter biscuits while planting to get the most out of your displays.

*Please note: If your order contains only Empathy Root Grow products, then your items will be dispatched within three working days. If your order contains a mixture of plants and Empathy Root grow products, then your Empathy items will be dispatched with your first plant delivery.

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Planting Notes

Growing at a glance…

Rootgrow basket starter biscuits are really simple to use. Add a few to your baskets or containers while adding in soil. Place your plants on top for direct nutrients. 

 For application amounts, follow this guide: 
 1 biscuit for pots/containers up to of 3 litres. 
 2 biscuits for pots/containers up to 7 litres. 
 3 or 3 biscuits for up to 15 litres. 
 4+ biscuits for containers and baskets over 15 litres.

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