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Beds & Borders

Planting blooms in abundance is a great way to fill a display, and these plants are perfect for the job.

Patios & Containers

From containers to patio pots of any size and shape, these plants will happily live out on your patio.

Ground Cover

Need help deterring pesky weeds? These ground cover plants are our top rated customer favourites!

Arbours, Pergolas & Trellises

These gorgeous climbers will twist, turn, and transform anything you put in their path.

Hanging Baskets

Whether it’s a bedding bloom or a trailing fave, these plants will add plenty of interest to a hanging basket.


These plants will thrive in a rockery, needing minimal maintenance to continue looking fabulous all season long.


Attracting pondlife can now be done in style with these pond-loving, bog-bearing favourites.

Small Gardens

Is your outdoor space on the smaller side? These plants can help you maximise your space with ease.

Underplanting Trees & Shrubs

Shady favourites that will thrive when grown in grass under a tree or shrub.

Walls & Fences

Have an empty wall you’re itching to fill? These climbers will fit the bill!

Need More Inspiration?

Not found what you're searching for? Don't worry, there' more gardening inspiration this way!