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Plants for Sandy Soil

Made up by sand and clay, this soil type will drain quickly after rain or a good water and are easy to work with. They warm up quickly in spring but drain faster than most other soils. Shop the best blooms for sandy soils here.

Plants for Clay Soil

This type of soil has fine clay particles throughout, making it a heavy soil. This can be hard to manage and will drain slowly after rain. This also means they hold water well! Find the best plants for heavy clay soils here.

Plants for Loam Soil

Loam soil is a mixture of clay, sand, and silt soils. It drains well and is easily worked. This soil has a crumbly texture and is best for most plants unless it says otherwise. Find the best plants for this soil here.

Plants for Chalky Soil

Chalky soil is an alkaline heavy soil, that is often dry and full of stones. Finding plants that thrive in these conditions is best, especially since it drains quickly and is often poor in nutrients.

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