Gardening Styles

Whatever the theme of your garden, we've got you covered! From cottage gardens to vegetable gardens, you can shop everything you need to create a cohesive garden display. Explore our themes here to find some inspiration. 

Garden Type

After the perfect plants that will thrive in your garden's conditions? We've chosen the best blooms for your displays, regardless of if you're in need of sun-loving or shade-happy plants! Shop our selections here, depending on which direction your garden faces. 

North Facing Garden

South Facing Garden

Country Vibes

Cottage Garden

Romantic and manicured are just two ways to describe the ever-popular cottage display. At J. Parker's, you can buy your favourite cottage-themed plants for even less, fitting in perfectly with your already settled plants. 

Meadow Garden

Embrace the wild with these meadow garden plants! We've selected the perfect varieties that will turn your lawn into a haven. 

Wildlife Garden

Attract wildlife to your displays with these wildlife garden favourites. Chosen by our gardening experts, these plants will provide the best habitats for pollinators and wildlife alike!

DIY Gardens

Calling all allotment lovers and cut-flower fans! These plants and crops will blow you away. Shop our full selection today, whether it be veggies and fruits or the perfect blooms for a vase. 

Cut Flower Gardens

Vegetable Gardens

Easy to Plant Gardens

Raised Beds

Whatever your design, these plants are perfect for a raised bed display. Whether you're after a cohesive colour scheme, or love to mix and match, we have everything you need to achieve your gardening goal. 

City Gardens

Elevate your urban living space with these gorgeous grasses, beautiful blooms, and perfect plants! All of which will look fabulous in any pot or container if you're stuck for space. 

Low Maintenance

Our top selection of low-maintenance plants that will thrive with minimal attention, perfect for those with a busy lifestyle! 

Beach Vibes

Boho beach blooms that add both colour and reliability to your displays! These plants are perfect for withstanding the often harsh conditions that you get near the seaside, helping you create the display of your dreams. Shop our top-picks for Beach Gardens here. 

Mediterranean Garden

Coastal Garden

Statement Gardens

Japanese Gardens

Inspired by the classic Japanese garden? Their tranquility and serene settings provide a perfect place to sit and enjoy. Here are our top picks for your japanese display! 

Rock Gardens

Fill your rockeries with carpets of colour with these top-quality plants. Decorating your statement piece has never been so easy. 

Formal Gardens

Want a garden that's both tasteful and pleasing to the eye? These plants are perfect for growing in a formal garden display! 

Need More Inspiration?

Not found what you're searching for? Don't worry, there's more gardening inspiration this way!