These trending themes will look great in your garden! 

Most Popular

These most popular plants are trending among our customers. Why not give them a whirl?


These top houseplants are perfect for gardeners who want to add a pop of colour to their homes while sticking to a budget.

RHS Award Winning Plants & Bulbs

Guaranteed for gardening success, these award-winning plants get top marks from us too! 

Foliage Plants

Fancy more foliage than flowers? These foliage plants are a great go-to for extra greenery. 

Drought Tolerant

These plants love the heat and won’t leave your garden looking barren at the first sight of summer.


These pollen-free plants and blooms will help you get your allergies in check!


Fabulous blooms & plants for your garden displays - the best blooms to grow this season.


Create a haven for critters and wildlife in your own back garden with these perfect plants.


After a display that just keeps going and going and going? These are the plants that will help you do just that.

For Shade

Seasonal plants & blooms that will thrive in partially or fully shaded areas, whether that’s under a tree, a shrub, or next to a wall.


These naturalising bulbs will reappear year after year! Perfect for those looking for a bulb that’s low-maintenance.

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