Empathy Rootgrow After Plant Rose Plant Food 200g

Supplied as 200g Packet
200g Packet
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Product Description

After Plant Rose Food is a formula made just for roses that contains the nutrients they need to thrive, plus naturally active mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria. This combination helps improve soil fertility, supporting healthy plant growth and encourage heavier flowering. 

 The nutrients in this product have been scientifically proven to support the natural symbiosis of the bacteria and the mycorrhizal fungi. This fungi naturally occurs in nature, helping the plant to grow a root system triple its size. This helps it to absorb more water and nutrients from the soil, allowing it to thrive.


*Please note: If your order contains only Empathy Root Grow products, then your items will be dispatched within three working days. If your order contains a mixture of plants and Empathy Root grow products, then your Empathy items will be dispatched with your first plant delivery.

Plant Size

Planting Notes

Growing at a glance…

Use these granules in spring at the sign of new growth, plus a second feed in summer after the first flush of flowers. Apply 1-2 handfuls of granules per rose bush, applying them evenly around the base of the plant, working it into the top soil with your hand. Water well after application. This product isn’t a substitute for rootgrow products you use at the time of planting. For this, we recommend using rootgrow mycorrhizal fungi before putting the plant in its hole.

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