Empathy Rootgrow After Plant Tree & Shrub Plant Food 200g

Supplied as 200g Packet
200g Packet
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Product Description

Empathy After Plant Tree & Shrub is an essential plant feed that provides all shrubs and trees with the necessary nutrients to thrive. This benefits soil-grown plants, especially while they're in their establishing phases within their first year. You can also use this product on pot grown plants to encourage healthy flowers and quality foliage throughout the year. The key ingredient that makes this product different from others is the addition of micorrhizal fungi. This fungi naturally occurs in nature, helping the plant to grow a root system up to triple its usual size. This helps the plant absorb even more water and nutrients from the soil than it would ever have done, encouraging a healthier and thriving plant.


*Please note: If your order contains only Empathy Root Grow products, then your items will be dispatched within three working days. If your order contains a mixture of plants and Empathy Root grow products, then your Empathy items will be dispatched with your first plant delivery. Packaging may vary from the image, but the product is still the same. 

Plant Size

Planting Notes

Growing at a glance…

For plants in the ground: Add 1-2 handfuls of this product to the base of the plant, working it into the soil and water well. For larger, established plants, apply 2 handfuls per square meter under the canopy of the plant. 

 For plants in containers: Apply 2-3 handfuls per plant twice yearly. It’s recommended that once a year, the top layer of soil is removed and replaced with fresh compost. Reapply this feed after doing so. 
 Apply this product in spring at the first sign of grown, plus throughout summer as and when required, and even in autumn as a top dress. 
 Please note, this feed isn’t a replacement for the rootgrow product, which needs to be applied to the base of the dug out hole before planting your plant.

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