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Also known as Butterfly Bush, Buddleias are an easy-to-grow shrub that’s an essential addition to any seasonal display. Loved by pollinators, buddleia can be grown in containers and flower beds alike.   

Here’s how to grow your new buddleia like a pro.   

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When to Plant Buddleia   

Buddleias can be planted any month of the year. Just note that, when planting in summer, water them well - especially when they’re in full leaf. Spring is the best time to plant buddleia as the moderate and moist weather allows them to establish.  

How to Plant Buddleia

Planting Pot-Grown Plants   
Our pot-grown plants are incredibly easy to plant and grow. Whether you’re growing them directly outside into the border or into a container, our pot-grown plants are a breeze from the moment they arrive.      
- Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system. If planting in pots, fill a large pot halfway with potting soil and then make a well in the middle. Do this until the top of the soil from the plant is just below the top of the pot.      
- Wedge in the plant by adding soil to the gaps in the hole, firming down the surface to ensure it’s in place.     
- Water well and you’re done!      
Planting Root Ball Plants   
Root ball plants to beginners might sound intimidating but are easy. Here’s how to do it:        
- Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system, preferably twice or thrice its size.        
- Ensure the root ball is just below the soil.   
- Water well once planted.       

Where to Plant Buddleia   

These shrubs are highly versatile. We recommend positioning them somewhere in full sun or part shade. This may differ based on the variety. Larger types can be grown in the bed, whereas compact varieties will suit beds and containers. Protect them from strong wind by positioning them against a wall or fence.   

When to Water Buddleia   

Water Buddleias regularly in their first 18 months. After this, they’ll only need watering in particularly dry periods. Varieties grown in containers will need regular watering throughout the season, as they’ll drain faster.

Should I Feed My Buddleia?

Buddleia grown in the ground won’t need feeding. However, container varieties can be given a general liquid feed from April to September. You can also mulch Buddleia to help the soil retain its moisture and feed nutrients back into the soil.    

How to Deadhead Buddleia  

Deadhead as and when necessary, simply to neaten up your display. But, doing this can encourage a second flush of blooms, so it’s well worth deadheading your buddleia when you need to.   

How to Propagate Buddleia   

You can propagate Buddleia plants by taking semi-ripe cuttings in late summer or even in early autumn. You can also take hardwood cuttings from autumn. However, many varieties will self-seed themselves, but they may not be true to type. 

Common Issues    

Thankfully, Buddleias are generally pest and disease-free. However, a late frost can damage tender shrubs, especially ones grown in containers. Ensure they’re not sat in wet soil, as this can damage the roots, causing rot.   

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