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Camellias are gorgeous shrubs that will come alive throughout their flowering period. They’re easy to grow, easy on the eyes, and a perfect all-rounded shrub for your displays.

If you’re new to growing a camellia, then follow these handy tips to keep it thriving throughout the year.

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When to Plant Camellias

Camellias can be planted any time between February to November, as the soil is either warming up towards spring or is still warm from summer. This encourages their roots to grow plenty before winter. 

How to Plant Camellias

Planting Pot-Grown Plants   
Our pot-grown plants are incredibly easy to plant and grow. Whether you’re growing them directly outside into the border or into a container, our pot-grown plants are a breeze from the moment they arrive.      
- Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system. If planting in pots, fill a large pot halfway with potting soil and then make a well in the middle. Do this until the top of the soil from the plant is just below the top of the pot.      
- Wedge in the plant by adding soil to the gaps in the hole, firming down the surface to ensure it’s in place.      - Water well and you’re done!      
Planting Root Balls 
Root balls to beginners might sound intimidating but are easy. Here’s how to do it:        
- Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system, preferably twice or thrice its size.        
- Ensure the root ball is just below the soil.   
- Water well once planted.       

Where to Plant Camellias   

Camellias prefer either full shade or partly shaded areas of the garden. An exposed area of the garden will likely cause damage to the leaves and flowers, so tuck them against a wall or fence. These shrubs are usually of medium size, so we recommend planting them in the border. 

When to Water Camellias

Water Camellias regularly in their first 18 months, and regularly throughout their growing season too. To check if their soil needs watering, dig down about a trowel length (10cm) and check if the soil is dry there too. If it is, give the soil a good drink.  
Varieties grown in containers will need regular watering throughout the season, as they’ll drain faster.    

Should I Feed My Camellias?    

Camellias can be fed in spring with an ericaceous fertiliser. However, over feeding in summer can cause buds to die back. Avoid feeding after July.

How to Deadhead Camellias  

Deadhead as and when necessary, simply to neaten up your display. But, doing so isn’t likely to encourage a second flush of blooms, so it’s only something to do when you have the time to. 

How to Propagate Camellias   

Camellias can be propagated by semi-ripe cuttings, which can be done from mid to late summer.  Hardwood cuttings can also be done from autumn to late winter, giving them time to root within a few months. 

Common Issues

Camellias can be affected by a fungus called ‘Camellia Flower Blight’. Camellia flower blight is a disease that affects only the flowers. You may notice brown splotches on the petals, or prematurely dying back.  
This can be largely avoided by planting autumn varieties, as they will flower before the spores are present. They often appear from February to March, so autumn varieties flower way before then. 

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