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If you’re after a shrub that’s hardy and easy to grow, then Deutzia shrubs are certainly a winner. Their gorgeous foliage and attractive flowers make for a superb mid-summer display.   

If you’re new to growing Deutzia or just want to brush up on your knowledge, then follow our guide to help them thrive. 

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When to Plant Deutzias

It is best to plant Deutzia in autumn, winter, or spring. Although, container grown plants can be planted out at any time of year, if the ground isn't frozen.   

Where to Plant Deutzia

Deutzia plants prefer either full sun or partially shaded areas of the garden. They do well in a border or woodland display, especially large varieties. They can handle poor conditions well but prefer fertile and well-drained soil.   

How to Plant Deutzia

Planting Deutzia from Pots   
   Our pot-grown plants are incredibly easy to plant and grow. Whether you’re growing them directly outside into the border or into a container, our pot-grown plants are a breeze from the moment they arrive.    
- Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system. Do this until the top of the soil from the plant is just below the top of the pot.           
- Wedge in the plant by adding soil to the gaps in the hole, firming down the surface to ensure it’s in place.

When to Water Deutzia

Water Deutzia well throughout the growing season, especially if you plant them as established plants.

Pruning Deutzia

Although Deutzia won’t need regular pruning, older plants may need thinning out every few years or so if they get too congested. Cut away a quarter of the old stems that are close to the ground in winter. This lets light and air into the plant, encouraging new growth.   

Propagating Deutzia

You can take softwood cuttings from young shoots that aren’t flowering in summer, or semi-ripe cuttings in autumn. You can take hardwood cuttings from woody shoots in autumn as well. Pop the cutting in a pot full of potting soil, and plant out once the new plant has grown into a small plant that can be handled.

Common Diseases and Pests

Deutzia isn’t attacked often by any pests or diseases and is perfect for gardeners of any skill – but particularly for beginners.

When will Deutzia Flower?

Deutzia will flower in summer, usually between May and June. They’re gorgeous when in bloom, but this general timeframe may differ from plant to plant, so double-check the information given with your plant to know for sure.

Deutzia FAQs

Q: Is Deutzia evergreen? 
A: Most varieties of deutzia are deciduous, which means they lose their leaves in winter. To check if your plant is evergreen, we always recommend double checking the plant’s information.  
Q: How big do Deutzia grow? 
A: Deutzias vary in size, depending on the variety. On average, they can grow between 1.2-1.8m, although some can grow up to 3m. If you’re unsure, double check the plant’s growing information online.  

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