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Hanging Baskets

If you’re after some vertical interest, then hanging baskets are a great money-saving way to achieve this look. They’re easy to plant and care for – a perfect choice for all gardeners if you’re after something simple and fuss-free.

If you’re wondering how to plant hanging baskets, however, then we’ve got you covered. Here are our top tips for planting up a basket.   

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How to Plant

- Place the basket on a sturdy surface so it stays stable while planting. If your basket isn’t already lined, do so yourself with plastic lining or moss.   
- If it has a plastic liner, cut a few holes about an inch long along the bottom to help drainage.   
- Fill the basket with any multi-purpose compost till it’s almost full. At this stage, you can add some slow-release fertiliser granules if you have them, but it’s not necessary. Simply sprinkle a small spoonful of them and mix them well.   
- It’s time to plant your plants! If you have trailing plants, then position them around the edges. Plant shorter plants in the middle.   
- Fill in the gaps with compost and ensure the plants are all firmed in well. Give them a good soaking before hanging them.   


Tips: Water your baskets regularly as they will drain quickly. You can do this in the early morning or late evening, once the sun has gone down. This ensures the water doesn’t evaporate and will soak in well before the sun appears.   

Hanging baskets are usually full of annual plants, so tip the contents into your compost heap at the end of their season. Save hardier plants, as they can be planted elsewhere in the garden (E.g., Ivy).    

Plants for Summer Hanging Baskets

Want to know the best plants for your summer hanging baskets?

Here are a few of our favourite combinations:

Pollinator Picks

Marigolds, Petunias, Heathers, Geraniums, and Nasturtiums can be combined to create an almighty pollinator-friendly basket. Select a couple to bring life and colour to your displays!

Colour Galore

Geraniums, Brachyscome, Marigolds, and Petunias will provide exceptional colour to your summer garden.

Drought resistant

Sedum, Bougainvillea, Coleus, and Calibrachoa plants will stand their ground against the summer sun. Some may be hardier than others, so double-check before planting.

Keeping It Simple – Don’t underestimate the power of one plant per basket. Begonias are a popular choice for this statement piece – especially the trailing kind. We have a wide range of affordable bedding Begonias to choose from on our website!   

Plants for Spring Hanging Baskets 

Pansies, Petunias, Violas, Cyclamen, or even Primroses are perfect for a spring display. Pair any combination for a striking display throughout the late winter to early and mid-spring months.