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Also known as Red Hot Pokers, Kniphofia is a top choice for your sunny border display. These Exotic perennials are drought-resistant, making them a popular summer garden bloom. Appearing in exotic bright red, orange, and yellow shades, are an attractive summer plant that you don’t want to overlook for the summer display.   

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When to Plant Kniphofia

When to plant Kniphofia will depend on the format you have ordered. For example, loose roots and small modules can be planted outdoors from March to April. Larger established plants can be planted on arrival.    

How to Plant Kniphofia   

Planting Loose Rooted Kniphofia  
Loose roots to beginners might sound intimidating but are easy to plant! Here’s how to do it.  
- Soak roots in a bucket of water for 1-2 hours before planting.     
- Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system. If planting in pots, fill it halfway with potting soil and then pop the roots in with the crown pointing upwards and the root system pointing to the floor.     
- Plant in groups for a fuller display, usually in groups of 3, somewhere that gets plenty of sunlight.     
- Ensure the crown is just below the soil unless the plant has some leaves, in which case leave them exposed with the rest of the root system under the soil.     
- Water well once planted.     

Planting Pot-Grown Plants or Modules    
Pot-grown plants are another easy way to plant and grow your favourite plants. Whether you’re growing them directly outside into the border or into a container, our pot-grown plants are a breeze from the moment they arrive.     
- Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system. If planting in pots, fill a large pot halfway with potting soil and then make a well in the middle. Do this until the top of the soil from the plant is just below the top of the pot.     
- Wedge in the plant by adding soil to the gaps in the hole, firming down the surface to ensure it’s in place.     
- Water well and you’re done!    

Where to Plant Kniphofia   

Kniphofia can be planted in sunny borders or containers for smaller varieties. Position them somewhere either in full sun or partially shaded. Keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Ideal for growing in the middle of the border.   

After Care 

When to water Kniphofia   
Newly planted Kniphofia should be watered well and regularly to help them settle in. Water them throughout their first growing season. Container-grown plants will need more regular watering, especially in dry bouts.

How to Feed Kniphofia  
Kniphofia grown in borders don’t need a feed, although you can add a general-purpose fertiliser if you wish. Varieties grown in containers will prefer a liquid feed in spring and summer as the soil won’t have access to the same nutrients that borders will offer.   

Kniphofia doesn’t fare well in wet winter conditions and will need some assistance in surviving over the colder months. In autumn, remove faded heads and apply a generous amount of mulch around the base of the plant to keep it warm over winter.   
You can deadhead the flowers on Kniphofia if you’d like to keep the display looking tidy. You can also cut off any dead leaves from the base of the plant throughout the year to keep it looking neat.   

Propagating Kniphofia

You can propagate these plants by division. This can be done in autumn or spring, preferably once they’ve finished flowering if you choose to divide them in autumn. The division helps to decongest large clumps that have gotten a bit too wild over a few years of growth. To divide them, lift them out of the ground gently, trying not to damage the roots, and split clumps with a sharp knife.     

Common Issues and How to Solve Them     

Kniphofia is typically a pest-free plant. However, slugs and snails are partial to a nibble on growing plants in spring. Pick them off the plant in the evening when they’re on the prowl. Apply precautions like adding grit to the top of the soil or setting beer traps around the plant.   

When Do Kniphofia Flower?    

Kniphofia will produce flowers anytime between June and October. The foliage on Kniphofia can be enjoyed after the flowers have faded.   

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