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Liatris plants are perennial and appear with columns of blooms like a feather duster. Flowering from summer to autumn, these spike-like flowers are perfect for summer displays.

If you’re wondering how to grow and maintain your new or existing Liatris plants, then here are our top tips to help them thrive.

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When to Plant Liatris

Liatris bulbs are best planted in the spring season, if all signs of frost have passed. Liatris seeds can be sown indoors in spring or autumn or sown directly in the ground in the spring. 

Where to Plant Liatris

Liatris plants prefer well-drained sandy, chalky, or loam-based soils. They love full sun positions in the garden, whether that’s in the border or in a container. 

How to Plant Liatris 

Liatris seeds can also be grown from seed, which is perfect for growing your garden for less!  
- Sow indoors from spring or autumn, or outdoors throughout spring – after the threat of frost has passed.  
- Seeds grown indoors should be kept warm, to help germination.  
- Sow the seeds on the surface of well-draining soil and keep them in a heated greenhouse or a propagator. In a pinch, you can create a make-shift propagator by placing the seed tray into a plastic bag, creating a humid environment.  
- Water seedlings at the base of the plant only.  
- Transplant seedlings into larger, individual pots when they’re large enough to handle.  
- Acclimatise outdoors once the threat of frost has passed.  
- If you’re sowing them directly outside, ensure the soil is well-prepared before sowing by raking the ground to a fine tilth.  
- Deadhead flowers when spent to keep the display looking neat throughout the season.  
Planting Liatris in Pots  
1 – Fill your pot ¾ of the way with any multi-purpose compost.  
2 – Place your corm on top of the soil on a bed of Alpine or horticultural grit. 
3 – Cover with the compost to the top of the pot. Make sure the corm is just below the soil.   
4 – Gently press the soil so that it’s nice and flat.   
5 – Make sure you place your pot on feet to allow the moisture from the pot to escape.   
1 – Try and plant these corms as soon as they arrive in autumn. 
2 – Dig quite a wide hole that’s twice their depth and width of the corm. 
3 – Add Alpine grit to the bottom of the hole. This will help with drainage. 
4 – Pop the corm in the middle of the hole and cover it till it’s just below the surface. 
5 – If planting in groups, space each corm 30-60cm apart.  

When to Water Liatris

Water Liatris well, although take care not to water-log the soil as It can damage the corm. You won’t need to water them as much once they have established themselves and shouldn’t need feeding if grown in healthy soil. 

Propagating Liatris

You can propagate Liatris by seed in autumn, or by division in spring. Simply lift the plant (gently) and divide the plant by cutting it in half. Replant them elsewhere for two new plants.

When will Liatris flower?

Liatris often appear from summer to autumn, depending on the variety. We always recommend checking the product before planting to know the exact flowering times, as they may differ from type to type.