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Saxifraga can be either evergreen, biennial, or annual plants. Their compact size makes them a perfect choice for borders, walkways, containers, ground cover, or rockeries.

If you’re a new gardener and need to know how to plant your new Saxifraga plants, then follow this guide to help them thrive.  

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When to Plant Saxifraga

Saxifraga are hardy plants and can be grown directly outside on arrival in autumn. They can be planted all the way up to winter, if the ground isn’t frozen.

How to Plant Saxifraga

Planting Pot-Grown Plants

Our pot-grown plants are incredibly easy to plant and grow. Whether you’re growing them directly outside into the border or into a container, our pot-grown plants are a breeze from the moment they arrive.        
- Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system. If planting in pots, fill a large pot halfway with potting soil and then make a well in the middle. Do this until the top of the soil from the plant is just below the top of the pot.        
- Wedge in the plant by adding soil to the gaps in the hole, firming down the surface to ensure it’s in place.       - Water well and you’re done!        
Planting Root Balls   
Root balls to beginners might sound intimidating but are easy to grow and a great budget-friendly option. Here’s how to do it:          
- Dig a hole in the border that’s big enough to house the root system, preferably twice or thrice its size.          
- Ensure the root ball is just below the soil.     
- Water well once planted.

Where to Plant Saxifraga 

Thanks to their hardy nature, Saxifraga plants can be grown directly outside on arrival, whether that’s into the border or in a pot. They prefer dappled shade and can survive well in a rockery display.  

When to Water Saxifraga

Water when needed, when their soil is dry. They won’t need regular watering throughout winter unless it’s unseasonably warm and their soil dries out. Varieties grown in containers will need regular watering throughout the season, as they’ll drain faster.      

How to Propagate Saxifraga

The best way to propagate Saxifraga is by dividing the plants in spring before they start to flower. To do this, lift the plant gently (including the root, which should stay intact and safe), and cut the plant in half with a sharp spade or tool. Plant elsewhere to give the newly divided plants space to breathe.  

Common Issues

Saxifraga isn’t often bothered by pests and diseases. They are hardy plants and will withstand harsh winters without the need for lifting.   

Saxifraga FAQs

Q: Does saxifraga spread? 
A: Saxifraga's are low-growing plants that can spread well. This depends on the variety.  

Q: How long does Saxifraga bloom? 
A: Depending on the variety, Saxifraga's can flower from early spring to autumn!  

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