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Zantedeschia, also known as Calla Lilies, are florist favourites for a reason. They’re structural, vibrant, and simply stunning. 

Need to know how to plant Zantedeschia? We’ve got you covered. Grab your gardening gloves and let’s begin.

What We've Included

When to Plant  |  How to Plant  |  Where to Plant  |  When to Water  |  What to do once they have finished blooming  |  Common Issues & How to Solve Them  |  When will they Flower?

When to Plant

Zantedeschia bulbs/rhizomes can be planted from spring to autumn, once all signs of frost have passed.

How to Plant

In Borders: 
 1 – Dig a hole that’s wide enough to fit the bulb/corms comfortably, and at least 2-3 times their depth (8-10cm). If planting in groups, dig a trench instead of individual holes at the same depth.  
2 – You can add bonemeal and horticultural grit (or spent compost) to the bottom of the hole. This will help them to grow healthily.  
3 – Pop each corm into the pot, with the knobbly bits pointing up. Space them twice their width apart.  
4 – Cover with soil and pat down. 
If you’re not too fussy about potting your bulbs and corms on, you can wait until April/May to plant them directly outside. Ensure the soil is covered with mulch to keep them warm before they appear in the summer. 
In Containers: 
 1 – Fill the pot with any multi-purpose compost until you’ve reached its halfway point.  
2 – As a rule of thumb, bulbs and corms should be planted about 20cm from the top of the pot.  
3 – Place your bulbs on top of the soil, about 5cm apart.  
4 – Cover with the compost to the top of the pot. Break up any lumps as you go.  
5 – Gently press the soil so that it’s nice and flat.  
6 – You can even place your pot on feet to allow the moisture from the pot to escape more freely. 

Where to Plant

Zantedeschia can be planted anywhere in the garden: along borders and flower beds or even in containers! Ensure all threat of frost has passed before planting them on outside as they are frost tender. They like a sunny spot but also need protection from the midday heat. 

When to Water

Water Zantedeschia regularly, especially through particularly dry weather. However, don’t overwater them as they will get waterlogged. This can damage the bulbs, causing them to rot.

What to do once they have finished blooming

Continue to water (but not overwater) even once their flowers have died back. Allow their foliage to die back completely before cutting them back. This allows them to store energy in the bulb, helping to grow a lovely display the following spring.  
Then, you can lift the bulbs/corms out of the ground and store them inside over winter. If they’re grown in pots, simply move them indoors while they’re dormant and put them back outside in May.  
If they’re in borders, then they need lifting in late autumn to early winter. Keep them in just moist compost in a frost-free place over winter and plant back outside in May or pot them up in late winter/early spring. 

Common issues and how to solve them

Zantedeschia can become a target of aphids. Inspect the leaves regularly, as they can hide underneath them. You can hand-squash aphids if you catch them early, which is perfect if you prefer a fuss-free and organic mitigation method. 

When will they Flower?

This may differ from plant to plant or depending on where they’re grown. However, most Calla Lily varieties will flower from May to June.  

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