Hamamelis mollis

Witch Hazel

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2 Litre Pot Grown Plants
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  • Suitable for planting in sunny and partially shaded locations
  • Winter flowering time
  • GREEN foliage colour
  • YELLOW flowering Colour

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Product Description

Hamamelis mollis, known as Chinese witch hazel, is a reliable and colourful winter flowering shrub. It is robust and hardy, producing clusters of sweetly scented, deep yellow crinkled flowers, which turn red at the base as the flowers mature, looking as though tiny fireworks are exploding all over the branches from December to March. In autumn, the bright green foliage turns to shades of yellow, orange and red, which complement the flowers perfectly. Hamamelis is happiest outdoors, where it will thrive in a sunny border. Also makes excellent cut flower displays, where you can enjoy their sweetly scented fragrance indoors. We supply grafted (not seed grown) plants, which gives a dramatic improvement in quality/amount of flowers compared to seed grown plants, which turn out larger but with terrible flower performance. Height 3m. 40-60cm plants supplied in a 2 litre pot

Plant Size

Mature Height 300 cm
Mature Spread 300 cm
Plant Spacing 300 cm

Planting Notes

Planting Plant in a hole to cover roots fully.
Soil Type Well drained, acid-to-neutral soil

Growing at a glance…

Can be pruned once dormant in Spring, to lightly remove any unwanted or troublesome shoots. Should be planted in any relatively fertile soil, as long as there is good drainage available. Locate in a sunny or partially shaded area, and do not let the soil dry out.

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