5cm Module Perennials

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One of our most popular, easy-to-grow and reliable perennial plant ranges is undoubtedly our UK-grown 5cm module plants. These extremely hardy and well rooted module plants have one of the best root-systems your will find on any module plant in the UK, ready to burst into life once they become established within the garden.

Having very close relationships with UK-based nurseries allows us to have over 4 million of these module plants grown for us, allowing us to supply them to you for fantastic prices and quality.

Within this range we supply from late autumn throughout spring which are 5cm in diameter as illustrated, are overwintered to ensure they are fully hardened off and well rooted. On dispatch the plants are carefully packed within our exclusively designed blister packs, as illustrated above, to ensure that they arrive with you undamaged.

Our 5cm module plants are supplied as well-rooted plants, ready to be planted on arrival in either pots, containers or directly in the border. If frosts or cold weather exist when you receive the plants, you can pot them on, using a balanced potting compost, then replant once all signs of cold weather has disappeared. Alternatively plant then directly into their final location on arrival. We recommend adding some organic matter such as bonemeal or potting compost to your soil mix to enrich the soil and add additional nutrients.

Once flowering has finished, there is no need to lift the modules and replant, just leave them to naturally die-back, and then new growth will appear the following year. Individual instruction and additional planting/growing information may differ between varieties, so please check individual products for specific information.