Begonia Tubers

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Begonias are a must-have summer flowering favourite, are extremely easy to grow and producing truly eye-catching and rewarding displays that make them a modern-day classic. Online we sell over 70 varieties, collections and mixtures, guaranteed to provide something for all tastes, garden sizes and locations.
Our Begonia range, supplied as top-quality tubers, provide superb value for money and will thrive when planted in rich, well drained and fertile soil. We supply Begonia tubers in one of two sizes, listed below. When measuring our tubers, we measure them based on the diameter of the actual tuber to help clearly highlight to you the size you will receive on arrival, allowing you choose the size and varieties that are best suited to you. Begonia tubers are available to buy online from mid-December through to May each year.

3/4cm diameter tubers are the standard size we supply and provide fantastic value-for-money. They are a great choice for mass -planting in the border, in patio pots or containers. Available to order in packs of 5 or more from only 4.99.
4cm+ diameter tubers produce the same traditional habit as above, with wonderfully vibrant flowers that are slightly larger than 3-4cm. Ideal for pots and baskets where you want flowers a little larger to make that statement of intent.
5/6cm diameter tubers are the largest size we supply and are extremely popular online. These exhibition-sized tubers produce the same fantastic habit and colour as the standard 3/4cm diameter tubers, however the flowers are much larger in size, in some varieties (such as our cascading pendula Begonias) the flowers are as much as 100% larger. A great choice for those wishing to produce show-stopping results, making your garden the envy of those who visit it.

Begonia tubers may be started into growth from February onwards. The easiest way is to put them into shallow boxes containing a mixture of loam, leaf mould and sand. Meanwhile, prepare the potting soil. Good top soil mixed with one-sixth part ofmanure should form the basis. To this prepared soil add leaf mould and it is often recommended that you add bonemeal to the compost. As soon as the shoots appear, you can pot them up in 15cm pots and place them in larger pots.

Begonias are particularly useful for bedding purposes and, if planted in beds which are enriched with well rotted or leaf mould will make a fine show. They should be started in shallow boxes in light soil; the saucer like tubers should be plantedvery shallow with the hollow side up. As soon as any danger of frost is passed then they can be transferred to their position in the garden at least 30cm apart. Begonias are great lovers of moisture and during dry weather they should be watered inthe early morning or the evening.