Field Grown Roses

Our roses are delivered from late October/November through to May each year, depending on the variety chosen.

Very few shrubs add the level of classic charm and elegance to the British summer garden quite like Roses. Available to order in a wide range of varieties, all our Hybrid Tea, Shrub, Hedging and Floribunda Roses will be supplied as top-quality, two-year-old field-grown bushes, as illustrated. 


On arrival they are approximately 20-25cm in height, depending on the individual variety. Sourced only from the best Rose growers, they are ready to be planted on arrival into their final position, ready to thrive and burst into colour. 

Buying bare-rooted Roses is a much more cost-effective way of growing Roses than often more expensive potted Roses, as they are easy to plant and will establish quickly to produce the show-stopping results we have come to expect.  
Standard Roses are much larger when supplied than HT and Floribunda varieties, supplied on grafted 80cm stems with three or more strong branches, creating a gorgeous compact, bushy head of vibrant Roses. These designer varieties act as a superb focal point in the garden, a great investment for many years to come. Standard Roses can be supplied as bare-rooted or pot-grown Roses, depending on the time of the year.