The Great British summer may not always deliver, but you can expect at least a few warm bright days and bursts of drier weather in July. Your garden will look great this time of year, but there are still plenty of jobs to keep busy.
Protect your plants from slugs and snails
A damp start to the summer can cause some unwanted problems for your garden. Slugs and snails thrive in these conditions, so we need to be extra vigilant and proactive with preventative measures against these tiny pests. There are plenty of organic methods of slug repellent so pop into your garden centre for some advice. Don't forget to be equally attentive to your greenhouse as they can easily access your plants here too.

Keep it clean
Another side effect of our usual damp summer is that green will be thriving on decking, patios and paths by July. It could be a beneficial now to treat, hard brush or power wash these areas to prevent an accidental fall.
Tidy summer bedding displays
Your summer bedding might look tired by now but don't give up! There's plenty you can do to prolong their display. Cut back and deadhead your summer bedding especially if the weather has taken its toll on more delicate plants. A little extra work now can make a massive difference to your flowering summer beds and baskets in August and September.

It's BBQ season
You'd be optimistic to expect many chances to enjoy al fresco dining over here, so make the most of any sunshine we get on a dry day and find or uncover that Barbeque. I'm sure we could all enjoy some fine summer afternoons over the coming months. If you sowed your seeds last Autumn, you may even expect some early crops of potatoes, onions and herbs this month for a great fresh addition to your cooking!
Water Features
If you have a pond, pond weed is still something to keep on top of. Keep raking out the weeds and remove any debris to reduce algae growth.

If you don't currently include a water feature in the garden, now is an excellent time to consider adding something. Ponds are a great way to attract wildlife, and many water features add character and beauty to a garden and can improve the quality of the air. There are many options, even a simple bird bath can add character and benefit your environment particularly if the summer becomes a dry one.

Keep weeding
Yet more disadvantages of our unpredictable climate! With our weather patterns, large rainfall and a humid summer can cause those garden weeds to become a big eyesore unless you keep on top of the weeding.

It may seem like a horrible job but a little work here will prove to be very rewarding all around the garden. There are many great environmental friendly weed killers available on the market.