Plum Black Amber

Supplied as 40-50cm plants supplied in 9cm pots
40-50cm plants supplied in 9cm pots
Delivery from late-August
  • Suitable for planting in sunny and partially shaded locations
  • Suitable for growing in pots and containers
  • Attracts butterflies
  • Spring flowering time
  • Green foliage colour
  • White flowering Colour

Availability to buy and flowering time

Available to Buy Flowering Time

Product Description

This is the ideal solution where space is limited. Grown on very dwarf root stock which will produce mini patio fruit, perfect for growing in pots on the patio. They will produce delicious fruit in the first year after planting and never grow to more than 1.5-2m tall. Black Amber is an upright habit dwarf plum tree. Pink flushed white blossoms in spring give way to dark purple-black thick skinned fruit in late summer and early autumn. A beautiful addition to the patio and the fruit is an added bonus, with a mild pleasant flavour. 9cm pot plants are supplied.

Plant Size

Mature Height 150 cm
Mature Spread 50 cm

Planting Notes

Planting Make sure the roots are planted in well prepared soil, with enough room to develop.
Soil Type Moderately fertile, well drained soil and non acid soil

Growing at a glance…

Young trees must be watered thoroughly and sprinkle with fertilizer each spring. You can also mulch in April with rotted manure or compost around the base of the trunk. They should be planted in well sheltered locations.Midget fruit trees are suitable for planting in most types of moderately fertile, well drained soil, although they do not like acid soil. If possible prepare the ground some time in advance of planting. Open out holes and plant with enough space toaccommodate the roots without cramping them. Plant in a sunny location as they do not prosper too well in the shade. Begin weed control prior to planting and keep a clean ring around the plant (with a radius of approx 24inches). The midgetvariety are ideal for containers, perfect for patio fruit.

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