Tulip Darwin Collection

  • Tulip Apeldoorn 11-12cm
  • Tulip Apeldoorns Elite 11-12cm
  • Tulip Golden Apeldoorn 11-12cm
  • Tulip Hakuun 11-12cm
  • Tulip Mystic Van Eijk 11/12cm

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Product Description

An exceptional collection of Darwin Hybrid Tulips, with some of the largest blooms and tallest, sturdy stems of all Tulips at 55-60cm. An excellent selection of vibrant colour to really liven up your garden. These beautiful Tulips prefer direct or partial sunlight and are ideal for planting in patio pot containers, garden borders or as part of a cut flower display to be enjoyed within the home. Flower during the spring season from April to May. 11/12cm bulbs are supplied.

 This collection includes 10 bulbs of the following:
 - Tulip Apeldoorn (red) 
- Apeldoorn Elite (red and orange) 
- Golden Apeldoorn (yellow) 
- Hakuun (white)
 - Mystic Van Eijk.

Plant Size

Planting Notes

Growing at a glance…

Tulip bulbs should be planted in autumn, before any frost. Find an area of soil that is well-drained and moist and plant your bulbs at twice their depth and spaced apart by 10-15cm. Ensure they are properly covered, you should not be able to see them on the surface of the soil. Position in an area that you know receives plenty of sunlight but is also sheltered from harsh winds. Deadhead the flowers once they wilt, encouraging a healthier plant.

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