Common Gardening Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Posted by Esther Roberts on 17th Nov 2021

Common Gardening Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Gardening is not the simplest of hobbies to just pick up and do. Many factors can make the whole process a little bit messy and confusing, especially for those who have just started. Whether you’re a newbie or a novice, there are quite a few common gardening mistakes that you can make, and here is how to avoid them.

1. Not knowing how to treat your clay soil

Soil types, just like garden space and sun placement, play an important part in planning your garden. If you’re after certain plants to suit your soil, this guide will help! But one soil many people seem to not know how to treat is clay soil. Clay soil is usually very rich in nutrients, and because of this, it shouldn’t be dug when wet. This damages the soil as it breaks down the structure, so always wait until your soil is not dripping wet until you start digging.

2. How to really get rid of weeds

Weeds are something every gardener has faced in their time. From homemade weed killer to just letting it stay, there are many methods on how to get rid of your weeds but only a number of them actually work. Weeds are incredibly tough to get rid of, especially species like dandelions and thistles. This is due to the strong root structure they have under the soil. One mistake many people have is chopping off the top of a weed when the real issue is down below. If you really want to get rid of weeds, dig up as much of the root as possible. Or, if you’re using a herbicide, make sure it is absorbed into the roots of the plant.

3. Pruning too far back or too early
Pruning your shrubs and bushes back into shape after a long winter is something we all look forward to. However, not all flowering shrubs bloom on new growth. Some species prefer to bloom on last years growth or old wood. Pruning too early means you’ll be cutting off the new years bloom! It’s best to wait until your shrub flowers to find out their ideal time of growth and then start the pruning process as soon as the blooms start to fade.

4. Planting in the wrong place
If vegetables are your kind of thing then this part is for you! Working on a vegetable garden is a very rewarding practice, growing crops from scratch isn’t only a cost-effective solution but also a great hobby for all ages. The only common mistake that can happen is not planting your vegetables in the right place. So much happens in such little time! Courgettes grow in a day or two, not to mention rogue animals stealing your precious crops. At least six hours of sun a day is needed to make sure your vegetables grow strong and healthy and develop fully. Not to mention the need for water. If there is insufficient rainfall, where is the nearest water supply? A solid plan for mapping out your veggies is highly recommended.

5. Planting too much
Another one for our veggie lovers! A common mistake a lot of first-timers make is planting more than you can maintain, never mind eat. Planning, planting and maintaining a vegetable garden is a lot of work, and making sure it is manageable is so much more rewarding. Start small, work out the basics of garden care and then once you’ve got the basics down you can always expand. Too much variety can be overwhelming as every vegetable requires a different level of attention and care. Start with your favourites. Learn how to grow them well and then keep on going!