How to Grow Our Plug Plants

Posted by Amber Williams on 25th Apr 2022

How to Grow Our Plug Plants

If you’re experienced in the art of gardening, then you’ll see a plug plant and know exactly what it needs to grow big and strong. However, complete gardening newbies might look at a plug and think ‘what on earth is this?’ or ‘how do you grow this?’.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Let’s learn how to grow plug plants, bringing them to life in time for summer.

Rapid plugs

Rapid plugs are the smallest plugs we sell, meaning that they need the most attention when they arrive on your doorstep. Here’s exactly what to do, from the moment you unpack them!

Rapid plugs are quite small and arrive in trays. Under each plug, there’ll be a tiny hole in the tray. To get the plug out, gently poke a blunt side of a pencil through the hole until the plug is pushed up and can be removed.

These plugs can then be planted into pots about 7-9cm wide. Fill each one with compost, giving it a tap against the table so the soil settles and allows the water to filter through easily. Then, using a finger, make a hole in the middle of the soil that’s just bigger than the plug, and pop it in. Fill in any gaps with soil and water well.

Keep these plants well-watered as they grow and plant out when all risk of frost has gone (usually the latter end of spring but will depend on where you live). These plants will usually be ready after 8-10 weeks of growth.

Maxi plugs

Maxi plugs are slightly larger than a rapid plug but still will need potting on before planting outside (unless all risk of frost is gone, in which case feel free to pop them outside). Follow the instructions above for potting them on, watering well when their soil feels dry on the surface and 2 inches below soil level.

These plugs will usually be ready after 6-8 weeks of growth.

Garden ready plugs

Garden ready plug plants are, as their name suggests, ready to be planted outdoors. Our garden ready plants will arrive fresh and healthy, allowing you to plant them directly outside if all risk of frost has gone.

Choose a sunny border or container to plant them in, ensuring they have sufficient drainage.

5cm-7cm modules

Similar to garden ready plugs, our 5-7cm modules have been grown with foliage, allowing you to plant them directly outdoors on arrival. Their mature state means that they will flower faster than smaller plugs, leading you to garden success.