How to Plant Bare Root Roses

Posted by Shannen Godwin on 17th Jun 2021

How to Plant Bare Root Roses

Beautiful and fragrant, roses are a staple of the British summer garden. From climbing to compact varieties, roses can be grown to fill pots, create hedging or climb walls and fences; the possibilities are endless!

Many of our roses are supplied in bare root form, and those unfamiliar with bare root Roses can be taken aback when first encountering them. To make your gardening jobs easier, we've created this essential guide to planting bare root roses, and what time of year to do so.

What is a bare root Rose?

Sourced from the best growers, our selection of bare root roses are supplied dormant without foliage or flowers and without soil or pot.

When do you plant bare root Roses?

Late autumn, late winter and early spring are the best times for planting bare root roses. These times allow the Rose to establish in the ground before their growth resumes in the spring season.

Tip: Avoid planting bare root Roses in the late winter when the ground is frozen.

How do you plant bare root Roses?

Learn how to grow beautiful summer Roses with our step by step planting guide:

1. Position - Roses love growing in full sun, but most will thrive and bloom happily with four hours or more of good sun daily.

2. Soil preparation - Make sure that the hole is wide enough for the roots to comfortably spread out and deep enough so that the graft point will be about an inch below soil level.

3. Add compost - Add some well-rotted manure/compost to the bottom of the hole and add fertiliser of your choice.

4. Planting - Place the bare root Rose into the hole and firm it in (make sure that graft is at soil level).

5. Keep on top of watering - Water well after planting, and then water at least once a week after growth commences.

6. Prune - Trim or remove any thin, weak stems that can effect the Rose's growth.

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