How to Plant Flowers In Pots - Container Planting

Posted by Amber Williams on 26th Apr 2023

How to Plant Flowers In Pots - Container Planting

Pink flower pot that's full of pink daisies

Whether you’re repotting a plant or potting up a new one fresh from the nursery, planting a container is an easy job. A great container display can fill a garden with life, especially those that are stuck for space.

From annuals to perennials, bulbs or loose roots, there’s no limit to what you can plant in a container. However, that doesn’t mean every plant will take to the contained life. Double check your plant before hand to check if it can be grown in a pot.

If you're after some advice on how to plant up your pots, then you're in the right place! Here's our top tips for planting up a patio pot. 

Tools You'll Need

Technically, you could get by fine with just a pot, some compost, and your plants. All you'd need is your hands! If you're after some extra help, though, then we recommend a few tools to help quicken the pace. 

- Hand trowel - To scoop the soil and dig holes for the plants
- Gardening gloves - To protect your hands from getting dirty or from abrasive plants
- Watering can - To water the plants 
- A kneeling pad - To protect your knees from the hard floor
- Plant labels - To help you identify the plants

Step 1 - Pick Your Pot

Choose a container for your plant that’s at least big enough to hold the roots with some gap at the edge. Smaller pots will dry out faster, so growing several plants in a larger pot will help you save a bit of water.

It’s tempting to buy a big pot for a small plant to avoid having to buy more than one pot. However, this can cause the plant to become waterlogged as the excess water will overpower the rootball - and it will rot. Increase the pot size as it grows to avoid this issue.

Step 2 - Prep the Plant

Soak the roots of the plants in a bucket of water before planting. Tease out the roots gently before you pop them into the pot.

Step 3 - Fill the Container

Fill the bottom of the pot with a layer of grit or small stones. This helps the soil to drain. You can use any compost for this job. Fill the pot halfway with your chosen compost, picking out any debris if necessary. Make a well for the plant to sit in, ensuring the top of the root ball will be sitting at the top of the planter. You may need to add more soil for this, depending on how large the plant is. 

If you're planting loose roots, then we have a separate growing guide for you to follow. 

Step 4 - Fill the Gaps

Fill the gaps around the plant's roots, ensuring that it is well anchored and will not move. You can firm the soil down slightly to ensure it won't fall to the side or fly away in a strong breeze. 

Step 5 - Water Well

Plants in containers needs more water than those in the border. This is because the soil can drain freely, allowing the water to escape out of the bottom. You need these drainage holes, though - as the plant could become waterlogged without them. 

What to Plant In Patio Pots

Perennials, bulbs, and annual plants can all be grown in containers or flower pots. Picking the best for the job is half the battle. You can read up about our favourite flowers for summer containers here. 

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