How to support your climbing plants

Last Updated on 17/09/2021 by Esther Roberts

Climbing plants are a great addition to any garden! But they also require a bit of assistance to ensure that their climbing habits are met. Whether they are used to give your garden some height. Or provide a bit of privacy, climbers can be trained to grow in many places for many reasons.

It isn’t just flowers that can be climbers, crops like raspberries and tomatoes can create a rather unique display when planted to climb. Climbing plants can help to add height and definition to the garden. It is vital that you provide a suitable structure for the plants to cling onto, whilst ensuring they still get the nutrients they need above ground. There are many different support systems for your climbing plants that come in an array of shapes and designs.


A rather traditional choice, an obelisk will help to create a beautiful display without taking up too much room. If you have a particularly small garden but still want a display to make the garden stand out an obelisk is your best bet.


Another traditional support choice, a trellis is particularly great if you have a small garden and cannot afford to sacrifice. They look especially good when placed on a wall or fence and painted to blend in. They even come in a wide range of materials and designs.


The deigns are getting a little bigger and a bit more extravagant. An archway can create a beautiful focal point for the garden. Not only does it bring charm and elegance, but it also has a great climbing structure. You could go with the traditional wooden style with climbing roses or create something completely new to suit your garden.


Is your garden on the smaller side Want an easy way to make it look bigger? Screens are perfect for that! When dividing up the garden into different zones it can create the illusion of a bigger space. By using screens covered in climbing plants it can add elegance as well as privacy to your garden.


If you’re really looking for a grand centre piece then look no further. A gazebo is a great addition to the garden, providing a shaded spot to sit and opportunity for climbers to thrive. They’re also the perfect placement for fragrant flowers as the sweet scent can be enjoyed by both those underneath and above. You could even add fairy lights to bring the whole look together!

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