Kate Sara Taylor - The Artist Behind Our Beautiful New Canvas

Posted by Amber Williams on 22nd Feb 2023

Kate Sara Taylor - The Artist Behind Our Beautiful New Canvas

As our 90th anniversary approaches, we wanted to commemorate the occasion with something special. So, we contacted the amazing 
Kate Sara Taylor, a mural artist based in the Lake District, to help us bring our ideas to life. 

With years of mural art experience, she designed and created an amazing canvas art piece for us to hang proudly in our communal kitchen. Here's just a little insight into how she found inspiration for our piece and how she works through her process...

How long did it take you to create this piece?

I think all together I probably worked on this piece on and off for just over a month. I work on lots of different projects all at the same time. I find that's it's an interesting way of working as I'm mixing it up a bit and not becoming too fixated on one piece of artwork. I feel I see each piece of artwork with fresh eyes each time.

Was it easy getting inspiration for this piece?

Yes, it was. I was very lucky to be given a subject matter that I'm very passionate about, 'natural forms and the natural world'.

What is your method for preparing to create a piece like this?

Initially I design my artworks digitally on my iPad using Procreate and drawing with my Apple Pencil. I find it easier as I work in layers and Procreate allows me to build my design this way. Once I'm happy with my design I then use it to sketch out my idea onto board if it's a piece of artwork or a wall if it's a mural. Once drawn out and I am happy with the layout I then begin to paint.

Do you have a favourite medium that you tend to gravitate towards?

My favourite medium at the moment is household emulsion paint! It's because I'm used to using it for murals and so when I scale down for artwork, I find myself still wanting to use it!

Do you have a particular type of artwork that you prefer to do, e.g., murals or smaller pieces?

I am lucky enough to do both at the moment. So, one week I might be painting a mural and the next working in my studio at home on a smaller board for example. I like the variation this provides me with. I get to work on larger scale, in interesting places and meet people. Equally I get to stay at home sometimes which is always nice!

Do you find it a challenge to begin a piece?

It can be - a blank canvas can feel intimidating sometimes. So, the best thing to do is to paint one colour over the canvass so it's not so bland. Sometimes painting multiple colours on the background can help too!

What's your favourite piece of work that you've worked on?

I created a lovely mural for my local primary school of the bay where I live and where the school is based. I painted it using lovely pastel shades as it was based on a wintery sunrise. It's situated in the school's entrance and so everyone that visits gets to see it. I've had some lovely feedback about it which is always nice.

A lot of your work seems to be connected to nature in some way. Do you find that inspiration hits while out and about that you pull influences from later?

Oh yes definitely. I'm always out walking whenever I get the chance and I'm always inspired by what I see.

For example, It could be a wintry twiggy hedgerow, and I notice because of the positive and negative shapes that have been formed. Or it could be that I notice a lovely colour palette from a combination of wildflowers against an old painted gate. I think I naturally absorb the world around me without even realising too!

What is your favourite art trend at the minute?

My favourite art trend at the moment are Instagram walls or destination walls. These are painted onto a wall in a cafe for example, the wall needs to be accessible to the paying customer/public. The idea is the customer takes their selfie or has their photo taken in front of the wall, and they can upload their photo to Instagram afterwards and share their experience of the cafe with their friends and tag the cafe/business in so it creates a great way to have additional advertising for the cafe/business.

The wall would be painted in an eye-catching way and incorporate something about the business, either the name of the business or their tag line for example.

Did you always know that you would work in interior art?

I have always enjoyed painting and creating artwork. So, I knew that my career would hopefully be an arty one!

I did teach art for a number of years however, working on a freelance basis is much better for family life and getting the work life balance right.

Finally, do you have any exciting plans for 2023 that we should keep an eye out for?

I would love to continue to work with brands like yourselves. Just before Christmas, I worked with Fat Face creating their Christmas windows in their flagship stores. This is something I very much enjoyed and would love to keep working with bigger brands. So, keep watching!

I'm hoping to get my website off the ground this year. But in the meantime, you can find me on Instagram or Facebook at @paintpadinteriors.