Meet the Designers from Our New Designer Collection Range!

Posted by Amber Williams on 9th Feb 2022

Meet the Designers from Our New Designer Collection Range!

As we have unveiled our brand-new Designer Range collections; we’d love for you to get to know the designers who created them!

Working with four award-winning UK-based garden designers, we have helped them to create their very own collections, each of which filled with plants that add both colour and character to the summer garden. From low-maintenance blooms to statement pieces, their individual flair can help your gardens shine.

But who are these designers? Let’s meet them!

Katie Townsend

Based in the bustling city of Edinburgh, Katie started her own garden design business after 18 years working in business design and project management roles. Concentrating on sustainability in our own back gardens is something Katie feels passionate about and incorporates this into her designs.

Katie also loves working with and supporting local businesses! Combining her love for wildlife and by sourcing her items from UK-based suppliers, it’s no wonder that Katie Townsend is a force to be reckoned with in the gardening community.

“I pretty much love everything about gardening! It gives me a reason to get outside and interact with nature. There’s also the sense of accomplishment in creating something new and beautiful. And then it’s an ever-evolving activity when no season, month or day is ever the same. Whether it’s planning the next season or being present in the moment t
oday, there’s always something new to love.”

It’s no surprise that her collection focuses on giving pollinators a place to fuel up, attracting all kinds of bees and butterflies to the garden! You can now shop Katie’s Pollinator Collection today, exclusively on our website.

Matthew Childs

Matthew Childs is an award-winning garden designer that loves creating diverse and exciting landscapes. His aim is to create gardens that reflect the people who use them and the surroundings in which they sit.

“Gardening has always been a form of escapism for me from all of the noise of daily life. A place where I can be fully present surrounded by plants and nature. I get a huge amount of pleasure from growing and nurturing both ornamental and edible plants and enjoying the fruits of my labour with beautiful blooms and the best tasting home-grown vegetables. It’s fair to say that my garden is my happy place.”

Matts Happiness Collection aims to do exactly what it says on the tin – make people happy. When we asked him about why he chose this theme, he said: “More than ever before we need our gardens to be places that make us feel happy.The last two years have been trying times for us all and our gardens have for many been places of refuge. In 2022 it is time to let go in the garden and embrace bright vivid colours that make us feel alive, energetic, positive and most importantly - happy.”

Matthew’s Happiness collection in all its glory is now available to buy online!

Georgia Lindsay

After spending the first 10 years of her life in South Africa surrounded by exotic flora and fauna, Georgia still feels the strong connection to plants that remind her of her first home.

Although she originally trained as a Theatre Designer, she now works as a garden designer where she connects her skills of research and working with text to create a story for her clients.These amazing transferable skills help her understand her client’s needs and allows her to create a space for them that makes their dream a reality.

“In my early career as a garden designer, I loved playing with plant varieties on our allotment. Whilst my partner planted fruit and vegetables, I experimented with plant combinations, watching these change through the seasons and absorbing their changing shape and tones. I still love to explore new planting combinations in my own garden and never stop learning from each garden I create.”

With her experience of the big and bold, Georgia told us she wanted her collection to create a statement in the summer garden. Her Statement Collection offers a selection of ‘out there’ plants that pack a punch and look amazing.

You can buy Georgia’s Statement Collection online today.

Lee Burkhill

Finally in our Designer Range, we have Lee Burkhill. Lee is an RHS Multi Award winning Garden Designer from the Northwest of England who works around Manchester, Liverpool, Southport, and the Cheshire region. He is also one of the presenters on BBC1's Garden Rescue and he runs the Award-Winning Garden Ninja blog & YouTube channel that helps troubleshoot his follower’s garden design problems!

After working with clients that love gardens but might not have the free time to tend to their plants, Lee decided that a Low Maintenance Collection is the perfect choice for our customers.

“This group of herbaceous perennials and low maintenance evergreens will help brighten up even the darkest gardens all year round. Whether you’re planting in containers or the ground this well-behaved hard-working group of plants will bring a warm glow throughout the year no matter what size garden!

I have chosen a collection of super tough, bright, and warm coloured perennial plants that come back year after year - meaning less work and more enjoyment in your garden! Best of all these plants work in full sun or partial shade and are full of pollen for wildlife.”

You can shop Lee’s Low Maintenance Collection on our website. You can also find out more about each collection on our website which lists its components, prices, and planting information.