Our Favourite Hebe Varieties

Posted by Aidan Burford on 21st Feb 2022

Our Favourite Hebe Varieties

One of our favourite plants, Hebe's are an evergreen shrub perfect for a sunny border. The year-round foliage ensures your garden never goes out of style and maintains a bright aesthetic among your flower arrangements. The colourful flowers bloom through the Summer months and add a gorgeous decoration to your home's garden. The purple, pink or white petals add that beautiful soft touch for that picturesque environment.

Whether you are an avid gardener or completely new to this world, we urge you to explore the world of Hebe plants and give them a try in your gardens. Read on to see some of our favourite Hebe varieties.

Hebe Heartbreaker

The Hebe Heartbreaker is a favourite among the gardening community - known for its unique, colour-changing display that gorgeously transitions between Spring and Autumn. During the Summer months, the narrow leaves turn a deep, luxurious shade of green that is beautifully complemented by a creamy-hued border. The flowering purple buds make an appearance between June and September to add that extra vibrancy to your gardens.

During Winter, the leaves turn a vivid pink and add that much-needed saturation to your garden in a time that most plants lose their colours. This ensures a beautiful display year-round in your constantly changing garden.

Hebe Heartbreaker plants are popularly grow as a potted plat but also make for a perfect addition to the front of a border.

Hebe Red Edge

The Hebe Red Edge variety is another stunning garden addition. Flowering from July to June, the pale lilac flowers slowly turn white as the season progresses, so are truly a sight to take in while they last. Complementing the pale petals is the gorgeous blue-grey foliage that stands out all year. The serene aesthetic truly captures the zen feeling evoked by the Hebe plant and makes your garden a relaxing escape.

Hebe Pinguifolia 'Pagei'

Our third and final Hebe variety that deserves the spotlight is the Hebe Pinguifolia 'Pagei'. The dwarf evergreen is ideal for those looking to add colourful shrubbery to their garden. The luscious green leaves leaves shine all year round as the statement white petals add that soothing tone to the plant.

This impressive garden addition flowers between March to August - providing half a year of gorgeous flowers that truly will transform your Summer garden. The perennial is also available to purchase and plant all year round, making the Hebe Pinguifolia 'Pagei' perfect for amateur gardeners and professionals alike.

Have we tempted you to incorporate some Hebe varieties into your gorgeous gardens? Check out our full Hebe range online here.