Our Top 10 Calibrachoas (Million Bells)

Posted by Amber Williams on 30th Apr 2024

Our Top 10 Calibrachoas (Million Bells)

Calibrachoas, also known as Million Bells because of their familiar bell-shape, are gorgeous annuals that will fill any basket or patio pot with ease and gusto over the summer months.

If you’re wondering what to pop in your new hanging basket this summer, or perhaps are looking to decorate your patios with greatness over the season, then look no further! Calibrachoas are one of our favourite seasonal picks. To help you choose your favourites, we’ve gathered ten of our most popular and our favourite million bell blooms, giving you inspiration for the summer garden.

Calibrachoa Black Cherry 

Calibrachoa Black Cherry is a high-performing calibrachoa that we felt was the best to start off this list. Its blooms appear near black, or almost burgundy/purple in some lights. Its cascading habit makes it perfect for hanging baskets and containers, which will be a running theme in this list!

Calibracha Cabaret Good Night Kiss

A vibrant pick for the summer garden. Calibrachoa Cabaret Good Night Kiss is often regarded as a miniature petunia and will produce striking fuchsia blooms with a yellow-lined centre. 

Calibrachoa Candy Shop Sweet Dreams

Calibrachoa Candy Shop Sweet Dreams is a hybrid variety that's like a painting on a plant. A Jackson Pollock on petals. Ok, maybe not quite, but the sight is definitely one to behold! Each petal features both a splatter of bright fuchsia pink and an inner centre of sunshine yellow on a pure white backdrop. To say it's a must-have variety for your summer displays is a vast understatement. 

Calibrachoa Dracula

Calibrachoa Dracula is another bicoloured bloom, producing deep pink petals with a contrasting purple-black centre. An impressive pick for your containers and baskets that will attract pollinators too. Why is it called Dracula? Because the overall effect sort of look like a Dracula's eyes!

Calibrachoa Calita Double Rosy

Double the petals, double the drama! These bright Barbie pink blooms are double-flowering, producing an extra row of petals which give it a super fluffy effect. We love double flowers, regardless of the season, and Calibrachoa Calita Double Rosy is no exception. 

Calibrachoa Orange Punch

Calibrachoa Orange Punch is a miniature petunia that produces what can only be described as a mass of bright orange blooms. They ombré from super bright orange to a darker, more subdued hue. This gives the flower more dimension, and will look mighty impressive on their own in a basket or patio pot. 

Million Bells White

As you might have guessed, Million Bells White produces white blooms. There is a very subtle hint of yellow in the centre of each bloom, but other than that, it's a blank canvas! These million bells are perfect for partnering with your more vibrant flowers and plants, providing the perfect backdrop. 

Calibrachoa Chameleon Blueberry Scone

Calibrachoa Chameleon Blueberry Scone is a prolific blue, yellow, and purple variety that will flower virtually all summer long. Their bicoloured blooms add that extra pop of colour, providing a magical show throughout summer that lasts into autumn.

Calibrachoa & Million Bells Trailing Mix

This Calibrachoa & Million Bells Trailing Mix is a trailing mass of some of the most colourful varieties on the market. If you're after an abundant display that really pops, then this mixture is definitely for you. 

Calibrachoa Star Collection 

To finish off our top 10 Calibrachoa list with a bang, it's our Calibrachoa Star Collection. It provides your baskets and containers with showy blooms that come in colours of purple, orange, pink and red - all decorated with a signature bright orange star.