​Perfect Plant Combos – What to Plant with Grasses

Posted by Amber Williams on 1st Aug 2022

​Perfect Plant Combos – What to Plant with Grasses

Ornamental grasses never fail to provide a sensational show, many of which add colour to the garden for months on end. If you’re after a garden that harmonizes between greenery and striking colour, then finding the perfect plant combinations for your beloved grasses is certainly the way forward.

Here are just a few of our favourite plant/flower combinations for your displays, helping you decide what to plant with grasses.

Allium, Achillea, and Pennisetum

Purple tones pair perfectly with the long arms found on ornamental grasses. Alliums are a great choice for planting with Pennisetum varieties, giving your garden that wild effect that’s become so popular.

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Allium Sphaerocephalon

Achillea Cloth of Gold
Pennisetum Little Bunny

Festuca & Bamboo

Festuca is a compact grass that will brighten any container or patio pot for months on end! If you’re struggling for combination ideas, bamboo provides a different dimension as they stand gloriously tall, adding unique colour to the garden. For an extra pop of colour, add any kind of compact annual! Perhaps a viola or pansy?

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Festuca Glauca
Phyllostachys aureocaulis Yellow Bamboo

Pennisetum and Verbena

Pennisetum and verbena, although a similar look to alliums, provide that smaller flower head that looks part of the grass. As some Pennisetum varieties have an almost pink hue, the purples in verbena highlight them perfectly.

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Pennisetum Red Head
Verbena bonariensis

Sedum and Russian Sage

The shades of sedum and Russian sage go hand in hand, producing a truly harmonious display. As both plants love dry conditions, they’re the perfect match. Sedum provides ground cover, whereas the Russian Sage will add height. They’ll certainly look the part in any flower bed!

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Sedum spurium
Russian Sage