What to Do In the Garden In April

Posted by Esther Roberts on 17th Jun 2021

What to Do In the Garden In April

Spring has sprung, Daffodils are blooming, the sun is shining – Let’s talk about garden jobs to do in April.

Now that the spring season is in full force, it’s truly time to get gardening. Not only is there plenty to plant this month, but there’s also lots to do! Follow this quick and easy guide to help you write your monthly to-do list.

De-weed the Garden

Nothing is more annoying than those pesky weeds clogging up valuable plant space! Before you plant any new plants or flowers, get rid of as many weeds as you can. Make sure to try and get the whole root to ensure it doesn’t grow back!

Give Your House Plants Some Love

Now that the weather is starting to get warmer, your indoor plants will need extra TLC! Start to feed them a liquid fertiliser once a week to encourage a healthy growth, continuing through to Autumn.

Hanging Baskets at the Ready

Now is a great time to start potting up your summer bedding plants, especially for hanging baskets. Flowers like Sweet Peas, Petunias and Geraniums are perfect for both seasonal hanging baskets and throughout borders! However, if you’re in colder parts of the country like Scotland, wait until the threat of frost is gone.

Plant Spring/Summer Bedding 

As the weather starts to warm up a bit more, the ground will too. This gives you the perfect opportunity to plant out your hardier bedding like primulas and polyanthus. Although it is warmer than February, there could be surprise frosts. Make sure you don't plant out frost-tender bedding before mid-May, which is after the last frost is expected.

More Garden Jobs to do in April

  • Feed roses and shrubs. You can do this by using general purpose fertiliser.
  • Grow herbs in trays (Coriander, Chives, Parley and Basil).
  • If you’re an owner of a greenhouse, give it a general tidy and spring clean before you start to spend more time in there. There’s nothing worse than being hit in the face by a cobweb or two when you’re potting up plants!
  • Deadhead spring flowering blooms to encourage regular growth.
  • Protect your newly planted fruits at night by covering them with a garden fleece. This will protect them from sudden frosts in the evening or weather that’s colder than expected.
  • Sow hardy annual seeds, herb seeds, and wildflower seeds directly outdoors. 
  • Tie in your climbing and rambling roses to give them support. 
  • Prune your fig trees.
  • Sow sweet pea seeds or plant out sweet peas that were sown in autumn.
  • Prune hydrangea bushes.
  • Divide perennials like hostas, asters, and day lilies. 
  • Check aphid-prone plants, like roses, and rub them off if you find any. 
  • Plant second-early and maincrop seed potatoes outside. 
  • Plant bare-root asparagus crowns and artichoke tubers
  • Now is the perfect time to plant out batches of garlic, shallots, and onions. Do this every few weeks to extend your cropping period, rather than having just one flush.