Posted by Shannen Godwin on 17th Jun 2021

What to do in the Garden this November

It's official, winter is coming! To help you go from one month to the next, we've put together a list of what to do in the garden this November.

Even though the evenings are shorter and the weather is wetter, there's plenty to be getting on with in your garden.
Do your future self a favour by getting everything ticked off your to-do list before it's too late!

Aerate Your Grass

This might seem like a pointless task, but if you want your grass to thrive then it's essential. Take a gardening fork and drive it into the ground to leave holes across the grass. Wait to do this after a spell of rain, as this will make the process easier.

Why do we aerate our grass? Long story short, it helps promote growth throughout the spring and summer months and helps to fill those annoying and patchy areas of grass. Aeration helps your grass to take in essential nutrients, and even helps your bulbs and plants grow more efficiently.

Clear Fallen Leaves

Another essential task to tick off your list this month is raking up fallen leaves from the garden floor. Not only can they hide things like slugs and snails (which are dangerous for dogs if ingested), but can also be used as a compost additive.

If you have the space, you could collect fallen leaves to use on your annual bonfire! (Just make sure the leaves are dry before throwing them on the pile...).

Lift Corms and Tubers

Concentrating more on the plant side of our to-do list now - It's last calls for lifting your Dahlia tubers, begonias, and Gladiolas corms. Store somewhere dry over the winter to stop them from dying.

Remove dead foliage before storing and place somewhere dry and warm throughout winter.

Keep Track of Your Plants

Before your plants completely die back, take a picture of where they're located in your beds. Come spring, you'll know exactly where they're hiding so you don't accidentally damage the roots when you next dig in that area.

This trick also works for when you plant your spring and summer bulbs. Take a quick snap before you cover your bulbs so you know where they are when you want to lift them before winter.

Edge the Lawn

Edging your lawn before winter makes the area look much cleaner and well-kept. It also makes maintenance easier throughout the year!