What to Plant in February

Posted by Esther Roberts on 17th Jun 2021

What to Plant in February

Spring isn't far away and there are many bulbs and plants that you can start to plant in February. From early spring-flowering beauties to getting a head start on planting your favourite summer bulbs, if you're keen to get planting, here are our top February planting picks.

Bulbs in the green

Bulbs in the green are active-growing bulbs which arrive with fresh foliage on the bulb. These little plants are quick and easy to grow, and are the perfect way to grow snowdrops and aconites with a 100% success rate. Plant them in February for late winter to early spring blooms.


Bold and beautiful, plant lily bulbs in pots, or straight into the ground, from early autumn to mid spring. With so many varieties on the market, dwarf and Asiatic lilies are perfect for beds and low-growing borders, whereas Goliath OT lilies are ideal for the back of the border.

Bare root roses

Unsurpassed in beauty and fragrance, roses are a key element of the summer garden. The best time to plant bare rooted plants is whilst they are dormant in the winter time, which is why February is the perfect time to get planting bare root roses.


Give your garden structure and interest with shrubs. Since they can be planted anytime between autumn and mid-spring, shrubs are one of the easiest plants to grow. If you plant while the weather is cooler, it makes the job easier, giving the plants that much longer to get established before the summer heat hits.

Seeds to Start Indoors

Cosmos are gorgeous for borders and containers. They canoe started from February in trays, positioned somewhere sunny. Prick out when they’re large enough to handle. Sweet peas are also gorgeous summer picks that look sensational in any garden. Sow a single seed into biodegradable pots, as it minimises the risk of disturbing the roots. Keep them in a greenhouse or a cold frame and harden them off before planting them outside once the risk of frost has passed.