When to Plant Lilies

Posted by Esther Roberts on 17th Jun 2021

When to Plant Lilies

Lilies are an elegant summer flower that are praised for their appearance and versatility in cut flower displays. They are a popular choice among many gardeners as they aren't only easy on the eyes, but easy to grow as well.

However, if you're new to growing lilies, the when and how part of planting your favourite blooms can be a bit daunting. Follow our easy guide to effortlessly grow your new lily bulbs, just in time for the summer season.

When to Plant Lilies

Plant your lily bulbs in late autumn to early spring. This could be anywhere from late October to early April to see them flower throughout the summer months.

How to Plant Lilies

The colder the season, the deeper you should plant your bulbs. As a standard rule of thumb, plant your lily bulbs 15cm apart and 3 times their depth and width.

Where to Plant Your Lilies

To plant your lily bulbs, ensure that they're sitting in moist and well-drained soil or compost and have access to direct sunlight. Allow its foliage to die down naturally after flowering.