​Our Favourite Zantedeschia

Posted by Amber Williams on 23rd Jan 2024

​Our Favourite Zantedeschia

Pink Zantedeschia

Growing a garden that a florist would be envious of is always the goal when designing a cut-flower display. Zantedeschia (also known as Calla Lilies) should be top of your summer list for this exact reason! These beloved bouquet blooms are a must for any seasonal display, regardless of how new or seasoned you are to gardening. 

An exotic choice, Zantedeschia. Regardless of your theme, we think there’s one of these flowers for everyone. Here are just a few favourites from our range that we think you’ll love as much as we do!  

Zantedeschia Collection

If you’re after a lush selection of Calla Lilies, then this Zantedeschia collection is just what you need. The best way of growing a cut garden en masse for less. This collection includes one each of Zantedeschia Captain Solo, Flame, Lipstick, Odessa, Picasso, and Red Charm.

Zantedeschia aethiopica

White Zantedeschia

Also known as Arum Lily, Zantedeschia aethiopica is a go-to for many gardeners due to its white blooms. It's easy to partner with more vibrant blooms or can be grown on its own for an elegant display. Perfect for your bouquets, too! Flowers from May to September, providing your garden with months of colour. 

Zantedeschia rehmannii

Sometimes you just need a splash of pink in the garden, and Zantedeschia rehmannii gives exactly that. Their baby pink flowers are darker at the edges of each petal, but graduate into a softer pink and then green as you look toward the base of the flower. Long-lasting, perfect for any garden theme. 

Zantedeschia Elliottiana

Now, Zantedeschia Elliottiana is a truly unique pick for the garden. Not only are their flowers vibrant and exciting for any garden or bouquet, but their leaves are a marvel too. Each leaf features specks of white, creating a mottled leaf effect. Absolutely stunning - you can see why it's on our list! 

Zantedeschia Mango

Zantedeschia Mango is similar to Elliottiana with its leaves and striking flowers. But instead of yellow, Mango's flowers are, well, mango. Or a vibrant orange, to be more exact. Its spadix is the same colour as the flower, giving a very monochromatic effect. A must for our list, which means it's a must for your garden. 

Zantedeschia Captain Collection

As we said before, collections and mixtures are great for growing a garden in abundance while sticking to a budget. This Zantedeschia Captain Collection provides a selection of blooms from the Captain range. An essential pick for those after cut flowers! This collection includes one each of Zantedeschia Captain Brunello, Beretta, Marrero, Violetta, Fresco, and Promise. 

Ready to grow Calla Lilies in your gardens this summer? Explore our full Zantedeschia range online today!