​Top Climbing Plants for a Smaller Garden

Posted by Amber Williams on 23rd Feb 2024

​Top Climbing Plants for a Smaller Garden

Having a smaller outdoor space shouldn’t stop you from filling it with your favourite flowers and colours. And when you can’t build outwards... build up! That’s why climbing plants are perfect for smaller spaces, they help you utilise as much available space as possible.

Here are our top recommendations for climbing plants for a smaller garden, ideal for any trellis or wall, pergola or archway.


We truly believe that there’s a clematis for every garden. Clematis josephine is a compact variety, that can thrive in just a container with an attached trellis. Perfect for a sunny spot in the garden that won’t take up too much room.

Sweet peas

Sweet peas will always be our top recommendation for gardens of any size, but especially for a smaller space. Plus, they look amazing, and smell good too! Any variety will do, so pick some from our range that tickle your fancy. But may we suggest Sweet Pea Summer Sizzler?


Not all nasturtiums are climbers, just Tropaeolus majus. They’re gorgeous and vibrant and do well in a pot. Which is ideal for small gardens especially! We highly recommend growing them on an obelisk if you’re truly strapped for space, as they’ll happily sit on a patio or balcony. Varieties like Nasturtium Gleam Hybrids mix will look particularly beautiful in your garden.


Thunbergia, specifically Black-Eyed Susan Vine, is another gorgeous climber that produces a mass of sunset orange flowers with black centres.Their ability to be trained up fences or trellises makes them perfect for a compact garden display. Our Climbing Thunbergia Collection is the perfect option for those after an abundant display in their compact space.


Ipomoea are hardy annual climbers, which are easy to grow and perfect for all kinds of trailing spaces. They can even be grown up an obelisk, ideal for patios! We highly recommend varieties like Ipomoea Heavenly Blue!


Ivy plants are some of the most hardy-feature plants for small spaces. Their vigorous growth and continuous colour add an exciting backdrop to any garden, regardless of space. They’ll happily thrive without much intervention from yourself, which is ideal for the busy gardener too! We recommend varieties like Boston Ivy, which changes colour with the seasons.