Echinacea and Rudbeckia

Jeff demonstrates how to plant border perennials together in this easy to follow video. Rudbeckia and Echinacea complement each other exceptionally and both make excellent summer border plants.


In this video, Jeff shows us how to pot up dwarf Lupins, great for anyone who wants to know how to grow Lupins in a smaller garden.


Jeff demonstrates how to plant Helenium for a terrific, bright addition to the summer border.

Dicentra (Bleeding Heart)

In this great how-to advice video, Jeff Turner demonstrates how to plant Dicentra, also known as bleeding heart, into pots.


Jeff Turner offers helpful advice and tips for creating a magnificent colour display with these terrific plants.

Hemerocallis (Day Lily)

This video with Jeff Turner demonstrates how to plant Hemerocallis into pots for the patio.

Ground Cover / Trailing Aubrieta

How to plant Aubrieta guide with Jeff Turner. These plants a great for walls or rock gardens, and Jeff demonstrates planting in a large pot.

Ground Cover Collection

Jeff demonstrates starting off ground cover modules in pots before planting outside in this easy to follow video how to planting guide.


In this video planting guide, Jeff demonstrates how to plant loose rooted Agapanthus into pots for a summer display.

Iris Germanica

How-to tutorial from Jeff Turner, how to plant Iris Germanica into pots for a great display in May to July.


Jeff plants Hostas into pots for an attractive patio display offering great advice on where and how to plant in this how to plant Hosta guide.

Lily of the Valley

Jeff offers great tips on how to get the most out of these great perennials in this easy to follow how-to guide.