Jeff plants Deutzia into large pots in his shed and shares his tips and advice in this how-to video planting guide.

Deutzia are a great deciduous shrub which bloom in late Spring or summer, with dense clusters of star or cup shaped flowers in white or pink shades. They make an impressive yet low-maintenance addition to borders with some varieties perfect for containers. Deutzia can be planted in most types of relatively fertile soil, provided it’s not too dry, making it perfect for almost any garden. They will grow up to 2.5m, with a more compact variety growing to around 2m.


Our varieties below offer several choices in typical shades of pink and white. For a more compact growth, go for Strawberry Fields, which will only grow to 2m when left and flower with fascinating white flowers flushed with pink from deep crimson buds. Or for a truly remarkable display, our summer flowering Deutzia Collection of our three great varieties is perfect.