Shrubs & Trees

Dwarf Rhododendron

Jeff Turner offers some of his great tips and advice on planting dwarf Rhododendrons into pots in this quick and easy how-to tutorial video.

Standard Shrubs

In this video guide, Jeff shares advice and tips on how to plant standard shrubs in pots using large ornamental containers.


Jeff plants Deutzia into large pots in his shed and shares his tips and advice in this how-to video planting guide.

Standard Photinia

In this video, Jeff is planting a standard Photinia into a patio pot; sharing tips and advice for adding these great plants to your patio.

Mock Orange (Philadelphus)

Jeff Turner is back in the shed to share advice on how to plant Mock Orange in this simple walkthrough guide video.

Hamamelis (Witch Hazel)

Jeff walks us through how to plant Hamamelis in a pot before moving to the border in this easy to follow video tutorial.


In this video guide, Jeff shares tips and advice on how to plant Hebe in pots for the patio.

Acers/Japanese Maples

Jeff plants Japanese Maples, commonly known as Acers in pots for the patio in this helpful how-to video guide.