Standard Photinia

In this video, Jeff is planting a standard Photinia into a patio pot; sharing tips and advice for adding these great plants to your patio.

Our standard shrubs are grafted onto stems ranging between 40 to 80cm. The effect is compact bushy heads on tall stems for an unusual display. They almost look like miniature trees. These will make an attractive feature in any garden and beside ponds or other water features.


Standard Photinia Red Robin is a standard grown variety of Photinia, so its compact size and stem grafted height is ideal for containers on your patio as well as in a garden location. It has fascinating evergreen foliage with brilliant green tinged red leaves. In autumn, it will turn a vivid shade of red for a fantastic display. Our standard shrub version is a terrific way to include this great plant in your garden without dedicating as much space or time for maintenance. Below you will find standard Red Robin along with our other standard shrub varieties.