Our Collections and Mixtures Explained

J. Parker Collections

Our collections are a great way of growing a garden en masse, without compromising on quality or affordability. 

Image: Tatton 2023 Show

We list out what you will receive and how many of each, so you can plan your displays accordingly. You can shop our collections across our website, with bulb collections, perennial collections, and even shrub collections to grow. Shop them today to save on your garden!  

J. Parker Mixtures

Our mixtures are another great way of growing an abundant garden for less. How are they different from our collections? 

Image: Dahlia Mixture

Our mixtures are chosen by our suppliers. This means that they aren’t labelled on arrival, like our collections will be. However, still guaranteed you a cohesive display! Just like collections, you can shop our mixtures across our website, from bulb mixtures to shrub mixtures and even perennial mixtures.  

Collection & Mixture FAQs

Q: Why is there a price difference between mixtures and collections?  
A: A mixture is not labelled on arrival, as they are chosen by our suppliers. This means we also cannot guarantee the colours or quantities of each variety. However, a collection will outline colours, quantities, and varieties included. 

Q: Will mixtures say what’s included on arrival?
A: No, unfortunately not. Mixtures are not labelled, so we cannot guarantee what is included on arrival. 

Q: Can the customer select which plants or colours they can have in a collection or a mixture?
A: Unfortunately not. Collections and mixtures are selected before sale, and therefore cannot be changed. Our suppliers also choose what’s included within our mixtures, so we cannot change these. 

Q: Are mixtures evenly split with the different colours or quantities?

A: No, mixtures are not an even split. We also cannot guarantee which colours/varieties will be in the pack.