Dwarf Rhododendron

Jeff Turner offers some of his great tips and advice on planting dwarf Rhododendrons into pots in this quick and easy how-to tutorial video.

Rhododendron are striking evergreen shrubs which add a mass of colour and character to the garden whilst requiring very little pruning. Their flowers are truly spectacular and a great deal are produced in spring and summer with a range of stunning colours available, whilst attractive evergreen foliage ensures your garden has some all year round colour. Our dwarf varieties only grow to around 75cm, offering all these great qualities in an easily manageable plant with a compact habit. You can plant these into your border, use as ground cover or even follow Jeff’s advice and plant up into a container for a patio display.


Below you will find both our rhododendron and deciduous azalea varieties. Our collection of Dwarf varieties are a great way to bring a diverse, manageable display to your garden or patio.