When Is It Too Late to Plant Daffodils?

Posted by Amber Williams on 25th Oct 2023

When Is It Too Late to Plant Daffodils?

Wondering when to plant your daffodils? Perhaps you have a bag of bulbs that have been left at the back of the greenhouse, just begging to be planted... well, it’s probably not too late!

Our plant experts give their advice on when it’s truly too late to plant your daffodil bulbs – spoiler alert, it’s later than you might expect.

When to Plant Daffodils

Daffodil bulbs can be planted any time between the last weeks of August/September, all the way up to December. No need to worry if you’ve forgotten to get them planted out in autumn! You can also start planting forced daffodil bulbs for an indoor display from September, too.

When Is It Too Late to Plant Daffodils?

If you missed planting your daffodil bulbs in autumn or early winter and you've got a pack of daffodils laying around in January or February, plant them and take your chances. Here are our top tips for winter bulb planting:

  • Clear away snow and loosen soil, if possible.
  • If the ground is totally frozen, scatter fertiliser sparingly and over a larger range than normal.
  • Place bulbs on top of the soil. Do not press them in, as this will damage the bulb base, where roots form.
  • Cover with 2-4 inches of aged mulch or finished compost (go for the thicker layer if planting during the height of winter).
  • Renew mulch covering often with a fresh 2-inch layer.

What Daffodils Should You Choose?

Daffodils have three flowering periods, which gives you plenty of planting options, depending on your goal.

There’s early flowering daffodils, mid-season daffodils, and late-flowering daffodils. Early daffodils can appear from as early as February, filling your early spring displays with vibrant colour. They’ll last through to March, or even early April! This includes varieties like Narcissus February Gold or Narcissus Tete-a-Tete

Mid-flowering daffodils can appear from March, lasting through to April or even May. Shop top-selling varieties like Narcissus Tahiti

And, as you may have guessed, late daffodils appear toward the end of spring - usually from April to May. These blooms are perfect for partnering with late spring flowers, like tulips and alliums. Late varieties include picks like Narcissus Thalia.

Need to know more? You can also find out when it’s too late to plant most spring bulbs or find out what to plant with daffodils for a complete seasonal display.

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