Apricot Large Early

Prunus armeniaca

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Two year old trees
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  • Suitable for planting in sunny locations
  • Suitable for growing in pots and containers
  • Attracts butterflies
  • Attracts birds
  • Autumn flowering time
  • GREEN foliage colour
  • WHITE flowering Colour

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Product Description

A self-fertile crop, 'Large Early' is one of the most hardy and reliable varieties of Apricot on the market. This delicious peach-yellow fruit produces a delicious flavour packed full of juice and taste, better when grown at home rather than shop bought. The picked fruit can then be used in cooking for jams and preserves or eaten fresh. During the spring from April to May, beautiful flowers will bloom encouraging butterflies and birds into the garden. For lovely juicy fruit, we recommend you grow in a south facing sheltered position. A cold glass house is recommended in the most exposed and northern areas in the UK. This delicious fruit will crop better with a pollinator nearby. We supply as a semi-dwarf variety, St Julian A rootstock. Two-year-old bare root trees supplied. Order any two or more large fruit trees for only £13.99 each saving £2 per tree.

Plant Size

Mature Height 400 cm
Mature Spread 250 cm
Plant Spacing 200 cm

Planting Notes

Planting Make sure the roots are planted in well prepared soil, with enough room to develop.
Soil Type Moderately fertile, well drained soil and non acid soil

Growing at a glance…

Young trees must be watered thoroughly and sprinkle with fertilizer each spring. You can also mulch in April with rotted manure or compost around the base of the trunk. They should be planted in well sheltered locations. They will blossom and flower in Spring and fruit is normally ready to be picked throughout Autumn. All are self fertile.Fruit trees are suitable for planting in most types of moderately fertile, well drained soil, although they do not like acid soil. If possible prepare the ground some time in advance of planting. Open out holes and plant with enough space toaccommodate the roots without cramping them. Plant in a sunny location as they do not prosper too well in the shade. Make sure that you plant with a stake, as this will be needed for at least five years to help support the tree.

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