Fragrant Hyacinth Bulbs

Available to order online from July through to December.

Hyacinths are one of our most favourite spring-flowering bulbs, as they produce trendy and chic dwarf flowers which are highly fragrant and highly successful. These easy-to-grow bulbs come in three different sizes, all sourced from the best quality bulbs available, unlike cheaper, less-reliable bulbs available elsewhere.  
When measuring bulb sizes for Hyacinths, we refer to the circumference of the bulb in cm, as detailed below. 

Bedding Size 14/15cm circumference bulbs - Packed in quantities of 5 or 10, our first sized bulb is great value-for-money and is the ideal choice for mass-planting in beds and borders, where the flowers are of a good size but are not too heavy to require any support.

Prepared indoor-flowering 15/16cm circumference bulbs - When growing indoor flowering Hyacinths, this excellent bulb size produces larger sized flowers that can bloom indoors as early as February. Specially treated for indoor flowering, they are a great way of bringing the flowering period indoors.

Top-size 17/18cm circumference bulbs - Our largest sized Hyacinth bulbs, which are a little more expensive than 14/15cm bulbs, are the perfect choice if you are looking for enormous sized flower heads to pack a punch. Great for patio containers and borders where they are unrivalled for performance.