Wisteria sinensis Prolific

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30-50cm plants supplied in 2 litre pots
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  • Suitable for planting in sunny and partially shaded locations
  • Suitable for growing in pots and containers
  • Fragrant
  • Summer flowering time
  • GREEN foliage colour
  • PURPLE flowering Colour

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Product Description

These lovely Chinese wisteria produce beautiful blue-violet blossoms on 15-20cm racemes in May and June. The dense clusters of grape scented flowers hang amongst light green deciduous foliage. These excellent climbing vines will benefit from pruning twice a year to maintain a good shape and encourage flowering performance. Prolific has gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit for its reliable performance, stability of colour and form, and good resistance to pests and diseases. Spread 2.5m. Supplied in a 2 litre pot.

Plant Size

Mature Height 900 cm
Mature Spread 250 cm
Plant Spacing 250 cm

Planting Notes

Planting Remove from the pot and plant in a hole the same depth as the container, with extra room on both sides for the roots to develop/expand.
Soil Type Any fertile, well drained soil

Planting & Growing Instructions

The Wisteria will need adequate room for roots to develop, and you should provide support, and tie young plants to it until they are well established.The Wisteria climbers can be planted to trail against a wall, fence, tree or side of the house. Plant in well drained, fertile soil, in either full sun or partial shade.