Soft Fruit Bushes

Available for delivery from October through to late April

- please see individual product page for further details. 

Growing fruit trees can be a fun, rewarding and great way of re-introducing yourself to nature. We have a large range of grow-your-own fruit, supplied as top-quality potted and/or loose rooted plants, crowns and roots.


While appearance may change based on the variety chosen, all are carefully sourced from only the best UK-based and European growers to ensure that you will receive only premium quality results. 

Pot-grown Blueberries/Cranberries/Goji-berry/Loganberry/Grapes - A number of our best-selling soft fruit are supplied as top-quality 9cm pot plants, with a well-established and healthy root system. Height on arrival will vary between varieties, please see individual product pages for further details. 
Gooseberries - Supplied as field-grown bare-rooted plants, around 25cm+ on arrival, ready to be planted directly on arrival into their final location. 

Raspberries - Supplied as hardy Raspberry canes, which can be planted approximately 15cm apart in rows. 
Strawberries - Supplied as UK-grown loose rooted plants for superb value-for-money. A great way of growing a larger crop for a relatively low cost. 
Rhubarb - Supplied as hardy, first-grade open crowns for superb results. A British favourite, Rhubarb is versatile and relatively easy to grow.