5 Ways to Plan for Next Year’s Garden

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Part of the fun of having a garden is planning how it’ll look throughout the year. Whether you’re new to gardening and you have a clean slate, or you’re a pro gardener looking for a change, there’s plenty of ways to update your garden.

The best time to plan your new garden is in the New Year, when most of your garden is dormant. Follow these easy steps to help you discover your dream garden for 2021.

Write Your Wish list

Whether it’s spring blooms, summer colours or autumn beauties, there’s plenty of plants and flowers to choose from. Maybe you have some favourites in mind, which can help you to choose complimentary blooms and therefore completing your bedding display. Or perhaps you’re looking to decorate your patio with more colour and variety. Make a list of everything you’d like to grow and keep it in mind when picking your plants and flowers in Spring.

Plan Your Next Move

Next, it’s good to take note of how much space you have to play with. For example, urban gardens tend to have less space, but can be transformed with help from climbing clematis and patio containers filled to the brim with plants and flowers. Determine what space you have and how you would like to fill it before buying your plants.

Pick your Theme

Choosing a theme for your garden can help you decide on what you’d like to plant and when. For example, cottage-themed gardens focus on spring and summer blooms such as alliums, cyclamen, geraniums, begonias and gladioli. Once you decide on your theme, everything else should fall into place!

Order Your Plants and Blooms

Now that you’ve decided on what and where, it’s time to decide on when. As in, when should you start ordering your plants? Well, depending on which season you’re planning for, you’ll have certain restrictions. If you’re planning your spring garden, you should order your bulbs and plants in autumn and winter to ensure they arrive on time and don’t spoil before planting.

Your Planting Plan

And finally, you should think about when to plant your seasonal displays. Every plant will have different requirements, and it’s important to understand when and why you should plant them at certain times of the year. If you’re a seasoned gardener (excuse the pun), then you’ll be familiar with when plants should be put in the ground.

However, if you’re new to gardening, then planting seasons will be a new concept! When buying your plants, you can find growing instructions on the product page. This will tell you when and how to grow your plants.

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